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Our Coating is the Foundation of a ROARing business.

At Roar Coatings, we want to strengthen the backbone of small businesses. We want to help put you in position to not just survive, but thrive.

We've come up with a revolutionary system to help you reach more customers, sell more coating jobs and make more money.

Let’s face it. You know how to install product, but have no idea how to market. What kind of pictures do you take? How do you post them? Where? How often? How do you spend money to get the best return on your investment? We teach you all of this and more. We also have a lead generating agency that can plug leads right into your shop.

The Best Damn Coating. Period.

ROAR Coating features Tribrid Technology that interlocks together with the surface creating a strong barrier. Roar Ceramic Coating is engineered to out perform other ceramic coating on the market. Combining SiO2, Graphene, and Polysilazane Roar coating increases the gloss and slickness of your vehicle, gives it long lasting chemical resistance, and helps to reduce the likelihood of water-spots and scratches.


Get the only Ceramic coating to combine the gloss of SiO2, the slickness and strength of Graphene, and the durability and resistance of Polysilazane.

Best Coating in the Industry

Phenomenal Sales Support

Expert Business Support

Tight-Knit Coaching Community

“This is by far the easiest Coating that I’ve ever used went on a smooth as silk and I probably had less high spots to go back over than anything I’ve ever used. Tim Mac Donald & Yvan Lacroix you guys really outdid yourselves thanks for everything you do” 


Owner, Hoosier Autoshine

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But Don't Take Our Word for it. Hear what ROAR Installers have to Say:

About Coating
Water Beading - Johnathan A-Orange.jpg
Water Beading - Johnathan A-Orange.jpg

Apply to be a ROAR Installer Today!

Here's What You Get:

  • Access to the best coating in the industry

  • Access to our marketing and lead-generation system 

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls

  • Access to our Private Facebook Page

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