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Grow your detailing business.

Introducing a ceramic coating for agricultural equipment

Many detailers struggle to turn their hard work into significant profits

and feel overlooked in a crowded market. It’s exhausting.

But there's a way to break free from the grind and unleash new earnings.

How? Explore the untapped opportunity of agricultural equipment

coatings to expand your detailing business into a completely new market.

Our industry-leading ceramic coating is specially formulated for agricultural equipment, ensuring your business becomes the hero of this new market.


With Roar, you’ll not only meet but exceed demand, transforming your business and rewriting your success story.

Stop the cycle of endless labor with meager rewards.

Become a certified installer. Learn more now and start soaring to new heights.

the agcoating


detailers, start winning


Choosing the right coating is tough when every brand claims to be the best. Your choice should be about what works for you and your business.


Your ceramic coating needs to be versatile and durable.


Imagine a coating so robust that it shields agricultural equipment—machinery that endures relentless wear and tear.

If it can protect that, think of everything else it could protect for you too.

You need a product that works on glass, rims, plastic, and steel without switching between different coatings—a coating that, when installed properly, will last and give you confidence to tell your clients the same.

Your goal is to grow your income and build your business.

Focus on ease, cost, and support with a product that is easy to apply and worth every penny.

Become a certified installer and access an exclusive line of products that work for you.


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Warranty Card Small.png

7 Year guarantee for Automotive vehicles

Our signature coating is engineered to last the lifetime of the vehicle.

If there are any issues with it, simply bring your vehicle along with the guarantee card to your installer, and we'll replace it without any questions.


high gloss

chemical resistant




water repellent

scratch resistant



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