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The King of Coatings

Roar Coatings will provide your equipment and vehicles with the protection they deserve to withstand the test of time.

Amazing All-Surface Protection

Roar Coatings offers amazing semi-permanent, all-surface protection. Featuring the latest in ceramic coating technology, Roar Ceramic Coating has a very slick feel and produces an ultra high-gloss candy-like appearance. It is safe on conventional clear coats, single-stage paints, gel coat finishes, as well as glass, plastics, and metals.


Roar Ceramic Coating is an extremely durable coating.  It features Tribrid Technology that interlocks together with the surface, creating a strong barrier. Roar Ceramic Coating is engineered to out perform other ceramic coating on the market. Combining SiO2, Graphene and Polysilazane Roar coating increases the gloss and slickness of your vehicle, gives it long lasting chemical resistance, and helps to reduce the likelihood of water spots and scratches. Get the only Ceramic coating to combine the gloss of SiO2, the slickness and strength of Graphene, and the durability and resistance of Polysilazane. Roar is the  Protection you need.

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Keep Your Equipment and Vehicles Looking New!

The Roar Tribrid technology (TM) coating is an industry first. By combining three different Nano-Ceramic Particles together, Roar Coatings creates a long-standing barrier over the surface. Roar Coating is chemically engineered to build a hydrophobic barrier that protects your paint from harsh chemicals, daily wear and tears, while giving it a beautiful gloss and noticeable slickness.

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High Gloss


Water Repellent

UV Resistant

Stain Resistant


Scratch Resistant

Chemical Resistant

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 7 Year Warranty for Automotive vehicles

The coating is specially engineered to last the lifetime of the vehicle, but if you have any issues with it, just bring in your vehicle with the warranty card to your installer and we'll replace it, no questions asked.

Service can be added to CARFAX

Increase the value of your vehicle by adding this service to your CARFAX Vehicle History Report.  Ask your installer for more information.

Unparalleled Results