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Are you tired of constantly having to polish your aluminum? Do you wish there was something you could put on it to protect it for years instead of days? ROAR's new revolutionary coating, ALUMICOAT, is made specifically for aluminum surfaces. Alumicoat has a very slick feel and produces an ultra high-gloss appearance. Alumicoat is the first proven ceramic coating for aluminum. One bottle can coat up to six semi rims, while two bottles is enough to cover all of the aluminum on a single semi truck.

Alumicoat Bottle.jpg

Alumicoat (25ml)

$175 USD

Alumicoat 2 Pack.jpg

Alumicoat 2 Pack (50ml)

$325 USD

Save $25 USD

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Water Beading - Johnathan A-2.jpg

High Gloss


Water Repellent

UV Resistant

Stain Resistant


Scratch Resistant

Chemical Resistant

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